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Tiger Cox is a full-time outdoor enthusiast, author and entrepreneur.
Through and his company The Cox Outdoor Group, Tiger connects everyday people to the outdoors by facilitating education and experiences in adventure, nature and food. Thus helping them achieve healthier and more fulfilling lifestyles.



Tiger started his first successful business “reconnecting people to nature” aged 14. A service providing white homing doves for release at weddings and funerals. He has sailed across the Atlantic Ocean aboard a home built wooden catamaran; living aboard for 12 months and sailing over 5,000 miles. Pursued adventure, nature and food in over 25 different countries including Turkey, Austria, Morroco and Grenada. Taught at multiple outdoor education centres, such as Fly Sussex and Hunter Gather Cook and has been through all three education systems: Steiner Primary, Home Schooled and State Secondary/College. As soon as he could legally leave school Tiger bought an old bicycle and rode from his home in England to the South of France, wild-camping all the way (600miles+). He spent his later teen years working in the food production industry on multiple different farms and farm shops including Tablehurst Farm and Middle Farm.
At age 18 Tiger incorporated The Cox Outdoor Group LTD and started writing articles on, all in the pursuit of a crazy dream – to run his own business connecting people to the great outdoors.



Welcome to! I’m Tiger Cox (which is lucky really or else I’d be done for identity theft)
Talking of identities… if we are meeting for the first time, which I hope we are or else I’ll have to ask my family to stop pity-reading my website again, there’s a little routine we must go through. A routine in which I introduce myself and you ask “sorry what’s your name again kid?”
me – still smiling “Tiger”
you – leaning closer “sorry what?”
me – smiling less “Tiger”
you – “Oh cool nice to meet you tyler”
me – “ahhh just call me John”
An alternative to this mishearing scenario is the disbelief scenario. Both equally embarrassing, especially with angry-looking night club bouncers and when accompanied by a friend called Wolf.
Anyway, lets stop there before this gets any weirder.
Now that I’ve had my fun with names and words, we can get to the important business of life missions, stories, and how I might be of use to you. Good?
In fact I’m going to start all over again in a more serious tone.


Hi, I’m Tiger Cox.
I believe that the increasing disconnection in today’s world between us and the great outdoors means we are being severely short-changed in terms of our health and happiness.
I believe this can be restored by increasing our knowledge of, and engagement in, the three pillars of the great outdoors – adventure, nature and food.
I have been cooped up in dull classrooms and worked in soulless offices, become absorbed in computer games, and consumed more than my fair share of nutrition-less processed foods. I have also been extremely lucky to have had innumerable outdoor adventures, interactions with nature and learnings about food.
I know for a fact that you too will have experienced these two polar opposites to some extent in your own life  (unless you happen to be an Amazonian bushman browsing the internet for the first time which I highly doubt, though if you are, congratulations on a great choice of website).

Having enjoyed the outdoor experiences much more than the indoor, my mission is to share them with as many people as possible. To move us away from that all too common monotonous and unhealthy life, toward one of excitement and insight.

I understand this may sound a little life-changing reward-focused for some of you, the British more than the Americans I would imagine, but there is no denying that our time on planet earth is very short. If you can increase its value and length through a little learning and a little action – why on earth would you not do that?

With that said…



We reconnect people to the outdoors by facilitating education and experiences in adventure, nature and food.

This means helping outdoor enthusiasts to live healthier and happier lives through increased engagement in real adventures, nature and food.
Or to put it another way, we help outdoor enthusiasts engage in quality adventures, nature and food, so that they feel like they are really living as opposed to just watching life pass by.

We do what we do for people who are passionate about the great outdoors. Genuinely interested in adventure sports, wildlife and sustainable food. If you are curious about these things, great! We look forward to getting to know you.



We have become cocooned in our cars, cocooned in our offices, cocooned in our technology. An undeniable disconnection between us and the outdoors is present. For the most part modern humans are inside all day, do not interact with nature and are uneducated about what they eat. If urbanisation, obesity and virtual realities are going to be long term trends – it seems our disconnection is set to grow.

But our past need not predict our future. In fact the only thing the past tells us for sure about the future is that there will be change.
So join us on this global movement of change. To address our need for real-risk experiences, real-world engagement and real-quality food.
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