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The Enthusiast is a level up from the Curious. As a general rule outdoor enthusiasts make lifetyle choices that reflect an interest in adventure, nature, and food. It’s almost like the great outdoors is woven into their identity. If you know that’s you, then this is your page!
If you don’t have a stomach for adventure, couldn’t care less about the natural world and really don’t mind what you eat or how it was produced as long as it’s cheap, then maybe you’ll want to melt back into the dark-net where you belong (joke). No, in all honesty, we don’t mind what your views are currently; if you stick on this site long enough hopefully you’ll see the light (also a joke…sort of).


As you may have noticed, here at The Cox Outdoor Group we’re all about reconnecting people to the great outdoors by facilitating education and experiences in adventure, nature and food.
As part of this grand promise to ‘facilitate education’ Tiger has called upon some of his great outdoors-man/outdoors-woman friends to reveal their worldly wisdom for the first time. Collecting these gold-nuggets of knowledge and occasionally drawing on his own experience, Tiger has collated this information (on how to succeed in adventure, nature and food) into a series of short online courses. As with everything on this website, these courses are all about you getting knowledge and the opportunities to put it into practice for your own benefit.


Although still in the (Beta) article stage, you can browse these courses HERE
By the end of each course we hope you will be inspired to get started and have the practical knowledge to succeed, whether that be better kite surfing or better food choices.

If you are ready to learn by doing (or maybe you’re one of those go go go action people that has never sat through a course in their life) then Tiger runs occasional in person adventure days and tours of the South Downs that you can find out about HERE

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