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When you’re taken up on a tandem paraglider you feel the freedom of flight.
When you participate in falconry you feel at one with nature.
But to combine the two, to soar in the sky with a bird of prey in its natural environment, this is a once in a lifetime experience.
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Fancy Feeding A Bird Of Prey In The Air?

Tiger Cox with Falcon Flights

Safire is a beautiful 6 month old Lanner Falcon (falco biarmicus).
Despite her youth she is fully grown, although after she ‘moults’ next spring her feathers will become lighter in colour.
Hand reared by Tiger and trained to fly with paragliders over the summer, Safire has attracted quite a fan club – with her own Instagram! @safirefalcon
She is extraordinarily tame and you will definitely enjoy meeting her.

Meet Your Paraglider Pilots

Falcon Flights are brought to you in partnership with Fly Sussex Paragliding – the largest and most reputable paragliding school in the UK.
All Fly Sussex tandem pilots are qualified and insured by the British Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association and have decades of experience getting complete beginners off the ground!
You can meet the Fly Sussex Team Here.

How this works

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What People Say

Victoria flies with safire paragliding falcon

“Safire was beautiful and amazing! Flying all around us, she landed on my hand and stayed there for a bit. Just amazing!” – Victoria B. from London, UK

Chris Brighton UK with Safire falcon

“I was sceptical at first but as soon as I saw Safire I was captivated. Especially loved the yellow hats Tiger had us wearing to attract her attention :’) ” – Chris A. from Brighton, UK.


“when Tiger said he was going to train a falcon to fly with paragliders I thought he’d gone crazy. 2 months later we landed after spending 20 minutes playing in the sky with her. I couldn’t stop smiling!” – Des O. from Dublin, Ireland.

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