Win The Ultimate South Downs Adventure!

▶️ I’m giving away a Wildside Tour for 2 worth £200
  • Your own Easy-to-ride electric bikes

  • Stunning scenery on route fully guided by Tiger

  • Foraging, Fire Lighting, Fishing

  • Cook your own legendary Wildside Sandwich for lunch (your own forage over your own fire)

  • Plus Bonus Experience 1: Bird of Prey experience with Safire the Paragliding Falcon

  • Plus Bonus Experience 2: White Dove Release display

  • Read more below…

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What you’ll get:

A Wildside Tour transports you – not just to a beautiful location, but away from the hustle of everyday life.

Here’s what to expect on a typical Wildside Tour experience:

Electric Bikes

You will be given your own electric bike on which to zip along “like a bionic super human” for the majority of the Tour.

Our bikes are easy to use and a pleasure to ride. You will be able to cover more distance without getting as tired and sweaty as a traditional bike.

Forage For Food

Foraging is in fashion big time, but do you know your beets from your blewits?

On your Wildside Tour Tiger will reveal a dozen of the South Downs safe edible plants (as well as a few poisonous ones – which we wont be tasting)

Fire From Flint

“Let’s light a fire!” – the words that never fail to excite and strike a primal place in our hearts.

To create fire at will was the first great achievement of the human race, Tiger will help you rekindle this lost knowledge so you can leave with the ability to create your own fire from scratch.

Fishing For Fun

“Fishing is boring” – not anymore! You’re going to make your own fishing rod and try your luck from the riverbank.

Campfire Cook

So far you’ve felt freedom outdoors touring the countryside on your e-bike, you’ve foraged edible plants, learned how to light fire, and caught a big fish (maybe). Now its time to put everything together and cook some Wildside food over the camp fire.

After dinner some home brewed elder-flower wine may be miraculously found, conversation becomes free flowing, and retiring to your Bivvy shortly after dark (8pm) will feel perfectly acceptable.

Bivvy Bag Sleep-out 

All 24 hour Wildside Tours conclude with a Bivvy Bag Sleepout.
You will be shown how to pitch your personal one man Rab ® Bivvy (takes 60 seconds), then just find yourself a flat spot and enjoy a night under the stars.

2 Special Feature Bonus Experiences Included!

Meet Safire the falcon and watch her fly on your tour! This is perfect for anyone who loves the idea of a Falcon Flight but would rather keep their feet on the ground!

By coming on a Wildside Tour you get to participate in a ground-based Falcon Flights experience which includes Safire flying to your fist, a model glider, and a lesson in tracking technology.

Meet Tigers Dozen Doves display team at the end of your Wildside Tour and release your very own beautiful white dove by hand!

Tiger has been working with these homing doves since he was 14 and they have been featured on the BBC, in the Telegraph, and at many dozens of weddings and funerals across the South Coast.

Who is this for:

These Wildside Tours are designed to be enjoyable and achievable by anyone aged 18 to 65 who can ride a bike. If you’ve climbed everest, cool! If you’ve climbed out of bed, also cool! You don’t need any prior outdoor experience at all. It’s your future aspirations that count, attitude is everything on a Wildside Tour.

You’ll enjoy this most if you:
1- Bring a friend.
2- Are curious about the natural world.
3- Have a sense of humour (not essential but makes my job easier)

Small Group Size:
Wildside Tour groups are kept very small so that you don’t feel lost in a crowd. Tiger takes no more than 4 people at a time which means you never feel like your being ‘put through a process’ like so many other organised adventures.

For the competitive:
In addition to engaging with nature, a Wildside Tour is also an opportunity to engage with fellow humans – something nearly as rare!
Each workshop has a fun element of competition which builds group camaraderie. For instance, when you release your own dove they race home at which point an automated text system tell us who the winner is! Prizes are awarded at the end for each of the days workshops and the winners added to our Hall of Fame.

Who Will Be Your Guide?

Tiger Cox Freedom Outdoors

It is most likely that Tiger Cox will be your guide on the day of your Wildside Tour.
Tiger has an unstoppable passion for helping people feel more freedom outdoors.
At the age of 8, at his primary school in Whitehawk on the outskirts of Brighton, Tiger remembers admiring birds of prey out the window – much to many a teachers dismay!

Out of school Tiger grew up on the South Downs, quite literally roaming the hills like a feral child. Aged 13 he sailed across the Atlantic Ocean on a small wooden boat before returning to ‘the system’, where he became aware that freedom outdoors was a rarity worth more than paper. At 18 Tiger set up this business with a dream of taking people on unforgettable outdoor adventures.

Now here we are, Tiger looks forward to every Tour and he hopes this comes across on your experience.

How this works

  • Step 1: Buy Your Vouchers

  • Step 2: Choose Your Date

  • Step 3: Tour The Wildside 9am – 3pm

What People Say

“was my first time on an electric bike, and wow…. it’s like being a bionic man!!” – Jonny F. From Lewes, UK

“I’ve been foraging for many years and finally ticked off a goal to find pepper dulse! THank you Tiger” – Mike C. Brighton, UK

“what a day! we laughed so much! My fiance was better at fishing and I was better at fire – together we just might survive on the wildside” – Jack F. Eastbourne, UK